Help me do something big, bad ass and brave

I have been talking about writing a book since, well, since my last one was published. Trouble is my last book hit the shelves in 2002, so it’s been twelve years of talk.

As my sixth grade teacher Mr Foster used to say long before Nike came up with the slogan “don’t talk about it, do it”. So I am.

bad ass girls2

Sometimes it takes time for an idea to fester, seed and organically grow and if you try to push it down the direction you want you can end up down a rabbit hole you can’t get out of.  Sometimes it takes a life defining moment for the fertiliser you always needed.

My mum died, you can read about it here.

And now I find myself driven by a writing desire I have not felt for fourteen years when I simply had to get my first book out and onto the page.

I am taking a big bad ass jump into the abyss and hoping to find it filled with gem stones reflecting a gazillion colours and I am doing it while asking for your help.

My mum said I was a giver, but then she was one too. But when it comes to giving to me, well, you understand. I suck at it.

I know in my head that my dignity and worth is not linked to how much I can or cannot afford in this world but my white anglo saxon protestant upbringing heart says otherwise.

So here I stand, 100% me as I am, crowdfunding for myself.

It is my lesson in receiving while giving something back.


You can read all about how you can help and what you get in return here.

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