I put my heart in the washing machine

I put my heart on the freezer shelf
thought the ice would shield her from herself
but she got trapped
and tapped and tapped
on the glacial cage
locking in her frozen rage

I put my heart in the tumble dryer
thought the heat would warm her up
but she shrunk and cried
as she dried and dried
fell to the floor
out the dryer door
touched with flecks of white
from tear filled tissues I used last night

I put my heart in the washing machine
thought the heavy cycle would rinse her clean
the stains remained
so I used a brush
to scrub and scrub
but all it did was rub her bare
put holes in where they were not there

I wrapped my heart up in my bed
held her close and stroked her head
kissed the holes
groomed the flecks
whispered love into her ears
calmed her beats and quelled her fears
tucked her up for a good night’s rest
I might try the microwave next

Speaker of ElephantTruths, teller of ElephantTales. Author, writer, journalist, blogger, producer, humorist.

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