2 Ode 21

Too many steps

yet here is the end

we longed for

but thought would never come.


Feet burned from the heat

heels cracked from the push

toes bent from the grip

arches sunken flat.


Looking back at the track

a trail that comes from the horizon

and all before then

lies pebbles and stones and boulders

criss crossed by waterways

filled with streams and rapids

fallen bark and trunks.


These trails linked together

with footprints in dirt and dust

just walking on




It looks smaller now in the rear reflection

like a squiggly ant line drawn on a gum

a wrinkle scratched on the palm of a hand.


And as the vast ocean water

fills the forward horizon

encasing those

worn and weary feet

with salt and sand caresses

your heart thanks you with

a quiet nod

a silent wink

a remembrance from within.


That where there is a beginning

there will be an end

where there is an end

will be another beginning

hope and joy

loss and sadness

laughter and light.

You’ll find them on that trail

behind and in front





© 2021 Rachael Oakes-Ash

Speaker of ElephantTruths, teller of ElephantTales. Author, writer, journalist, blogger, producer, humorist.

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