Head cycles – another poem

I found 2021 a hard year in which to speak. Many days I felt I had lost my words, unable to complete sentences. I’d start then not finish, words left hanging close in the air in front.

So I took up poetry. It wasn’t a conscious choice, just all I could muster, smaller words, less of them, unstructured, able to be vomited onto a page.

Two poems I have entered into competition and cannot publish them here, yet.

But I will continue to commit my poetic ramblings to the Elephant Truths page, if only for posterity, and on those days when I have been struck dumb.

– – –
Head cycles



kill connection

lenses bent by

beliefs set in place

as limbs grew



kills assumptions

lenses removed

to hear, to listen

to kill the stories

that feed thought circles



allows words to escape

prison walls where hearts reside

and reach across chasms

to find solace in another’s being



assumptions shatter

personal truths collide

dread’s weight lifts

lightness emerges

play returns

same limbs

now slightly shifted



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